Week 9. Bolivia. Pique a lo Macho

Cocaine Pie?

Well, hardly, but as soon as I drew Bolivia it was the first thing which leapt to mind. I have a fact about Bolivia which I find incredible: in 1983 a drug trafficker from Bolivia called Gomez (known world wide as “The King of Cocaine”) wrote to Ronald Reagan offering to pay off the entire Bolivian national debt of $3 Billion in exchange for his son, who was arrested in the US for…drug trafficking. Surprisingly they turned him down. Naively, that is about all I know about Bolivia apart from sweeping assumptions I have made from its location in South America.

I made the dish after a tough day in the office as year end is approaching (our financial year ends tomorrow), but the dish ended up being a release as it tasted like a 2am kebab on a Saturday night. All my work stresses left my body and I sank into the sofa devouring the food as though I had chucked 9 pints and a couple of shots down me. Kebabs are great as they’re spicy, meaty, carb fueled (for the booze soaking) and laced with oil…which sucks up the flavours. This had it all. I thought the chips underneath were unnecessary, but they tasted good once they had soaked up the juice. I just got a bit frustrated as they made me feel full when I had so much more beef, sausage and egg to eat. I managed it though!

Overall this dish is brilliant as a replica for a kebab. Skip the chips and have more meat though. I do, also, need to point out that this dish is a bit of a bitch to make. There are loads of things to do – all simple, but just a lot! Get over that though; people will think you are a genius if they eat this after 3 pints, and if they’ve had 6 pints they’ll think you are a michelin starred kebab chef…..which of course you, sort of, are!

Recipe (serves about 3-4):

2 Serloin Steaks

6 Sausages – good ones.

3 Eggs

1 Onion

1 can tinned tomatoes

Handful of chopped Jalepenos

2 Cloves Garlic


Soy Sauce


Potatoes for chips

Chop the steaks and marinade in a decent glug of beer, soy and a tablespoon of cumin

Seperately cook the sausages

Seperately cook the chips. However you choose to make chips

Make a sauce of onion, tomato, chopped jalapenos and garlic. Once this is done and thick, add the beef marinade and cook for about 15 mins until the beef is cooked/ warm through.

Put the chips on a plate add the beef mix to the top. Add sliced sausages, sliced egg and some sliced red onion. Serve once the sauce has had a chance to get everywhere. Done!


2 thoughts on “Week 9. Bolivia. Pique a lo Macho

  1. I’ll take a note of this for the next time my husband is worse for wear after a night out with his work colleagues! At least you know what’s in it (not like kebab meat)

    • Seriously you should. It’s a classy kebab on a plate! He will rate it more than you can even imagine…

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