Week 15. Ireland. Scallops w/ Colcannon

This week I didn’t need to look at any recipes, as this is the type of food I cook all the time. It was refreshing to have a country picked so close to home and a place where I have spent many fantastic weekends.

Dunmore on the South Coast of Ireland is where I have spent most time, as my very good friend Dom has a family house there. Many times we have flown over to spend a drunken night in Cork or Dublin and the following day, with a cloudy head, we have weaved our way down to the coast; often caught for hours behind slow-moving farm machinery. We couldn’t care less how long it took though as everything in Ireland seems not to matter. Ireland chills me out.

When I thought about what dish I would cook, the immediate thought was to look at Irish Stews, Guinness Pie or anything laced with Whiskey. This wasn’t the Ireland I knew though and that is more the view of Ireland painted in Gastro Pubs on St Patricks Day. Experiencing Ireland and the wonderful pubs, the food was far classier and very fresh. I remember, with explicit detail, the taste of the Fish Pie I order every time I visit The Strand Inn in Dunmore. Rich with cream and thick with fresh fish, it is a dream.

I have devised my dish based on a number of experiences I have had in the Emerald Isle. Colcannon is a dish which regularly is delivered as a side with any number of dishes, but I see it as more than a side. Choosing Black Pudding was an easy decision as it is everywhere in Ireland. It is usually eaten in an Irish-Fry (up) alongside its pud-sister, the less bloody White Pudding.  I topped the dish with a Scallop as it shows the fresh fish side of Ireland which is, for me, a better way of thinking of Irish cuisine. It is not all about the Pies and the Booze, but they are a welcome addition!


  • Colcannon makes mashed potato interesting.
  • Rich Black Pudding livens up a fresh scallop.
  • Pea Puree brings it all together.

It’s a great dish. Probably serve it as a starter.


Make the colcannon by making a standard mashed potato and then stirring through blanched Curly Kale and diced Spring Onions.

Fry the black pudding for 8 mins and the scallops for about 10.

Make the pea puree by boiling the peas with chopped mint and then blitz it with a pinch of salt and a dash of the boiled water.

Pile it high!


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