Week 16. Maldivies. Garudhiya

Honeymooning in the Maldives is getting a little cliché isn’t it? Well, we didn’t care and did it anyway!

Looking online, when choosing where to go, we were hooked in by images of desert islands with azure sea lapping gently at the shore, and when we arrived at our Island it didn’t disappoint. If anything, it was more beautiful  than we had ever hoped it would be. Unfortunately, whilst we retreated to our bungalow to sleep off the jetlag, the sun also decided that it was going to take a rest, and that was the last we saw of it. For the following 10 days and nights, it poured with rain and we were stuck on our terrace looking at what it might have been. We found solace in reading,  bucket loads of free booze from the bar, and the wonderful food created by a team of Maldivian chefs.  Three times a day we sprinted through the rain from our hut to the restaurant and every time we arrived, hands on knees and soaked, we were greeted by a different and more elaborate buffet. Much of the buffet was cleverly created world food, but there was always a Maldivian counter, and this is where I spent most of my time.

The dish I remember most I referred to as “Tuna Water”. It was suprisingly delicious considering what it appeared to be which was effectively a watery soup, unlike most fish soups I had been accustomed to which were usually heavy and rich.

All the ingredients. That's the lot!

I had, therefore, decided that whenever Maldives came up I would cook the “Tuna Water”. Having researched things, I found it to be the dish Guardhiya, which proved to not have many more ingredients than I expected. It was by no means difficult to cook; all you had to do is shred some onions, tuna steak and chilli and throw it in some water with salt and curry leaves. After letting it boil for twenty minutes it was time to serve.


If you have ever brought home a bottle of Rose from the South of France and drunk it in November, you will understand what I am about to say. When you sit in the heat it is absolutely delicious but when it is dark, a bit cold, and the drone of Eastenders is in the background, things just aren’t quite the same. Fundementally when I ate the Garudhiya tonight it tasted like “Tuna Water” but it just didn’t seem as appropriate. I almost feel I might have ruined the memory. It was fresh and nice, but fresh fish doesn’t quite do it in the same way as when you can prehaps hear the relatives of Mr Tuna thrashing about in the sea in front of you. Instead, in front of me at the kitchen table were some some slightly dead flowers and some clothes my wife had just bought on Ebay. I was deflated. It’s a good dish, but eat it by the sea, and preferably in the sun.


500g Tuna Steak

1 Litre Water

1 sliced onion

1 Sliced Chilli

10 diced curry leaves

Salt to taste

Throw it all in a pot and simmer it for 20 mins.


3 thoughts on “Week 16. Maldivies. Garudhiya

  1. Sounds easy though to cook up after work and very healthy.
    What would I eat with it for some carbs – what bread for example?

    • Crusty bread would do it, but it was extremely filling. If I gave you 500g of tuna and an onion for lunch I think you would be relatively full!

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