Week 20. Finland. Kukkakaalilaatikko

I’m so impressionable.

The minute I saw that there was a dish which contains five of the letter ‘a’ and an incredible six of the letter ‘k’ I could look no further.

However, before I talk further about my Finnish Dish I need to have a food related rant and the basis of my rant is Wayne Rooney. In a time of recession and depression his contract dispute being played out in the world’s media was vulgar. Even if the money he generates justifies the money he is on, do good people who work hard to earn less in a year than he earns in a day need to be subjected to his wrangling. Then, on top of all of this he swanned off to Dubai for a week and committed a filthy and offensive act by a swimming pool. He paid £250 for pizza and chips.

I’ve paid £250 for a meal before. Once. It was the day after I got engaged and in a 2 Michelin-Starred restaurant. It wasn’t in my swimming trunks and by the pool in a hotel. Mr Rooney, you have lost the plot.


This week I drew Finland and once I had looked past smoked fish and strangely some fish spiced beef burgers, I found ‘The K Dish’, which is translated as ‘Cauliflower Box’. A twist on Cauliflower Cheese (including rye bread), it looked comforting and the type of dish you might want to gorge on when you see only a few hours of daylight during winter, as the Finns do. Whilst advertised as a full dish, I didn’t see how I could make it that, so I hosted it on a faux reindeer steak (rump beef).


I liked the flavours, but it was overly filling. The fact that the sauce contained four eggs just made it into a very large vegetarian omelette. It worked perfectly with a steak but don’t kid yourself, it might look good, but you won’t be able to eat too much. Definitely make it, but serve it small. Oh, and Wayne Rooney, this dish cost about £2.50 to make. If you fancy giving me £250 for a take away portion of it, I will take your money…..and give it to charity.


  • Saute a head of Cauliflower in some butter and a sprinkle of Caraway Seeds
  • Once done add the Cauliflower to an oven proof dish and grate a great big chunk (fist full) of cheddar over it.
  • In a blender, blend a pint of ale, 4 eggs, a tablespoon of mustard (dry if poss) and a tablespoon of coriander. Add salt to taste.
  • Pour this mix into the oven proof dish and mix everything together. Bake it for about 40 mins or until it browns.
  • Serve with a small steak!

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