Suspiro de Limeña (a Peruvian Dessert)

I drew Peru this week and as usual I began looking at all possibilities. I settled on Suspiro de Limeña as all reviews suggested it was ridiculously tasty. However, as I was doing my planning, I was contacted on Twitter by @ccpete who runs an online Chilli factory. It was suggested to me that if I am cooking a Peruvian delicacy it needs to include the famed Peruvian Aji Amarillo Chilli.  I will talk of CCPete in my official blog entry this week (also posted), but let it be known that he is a top bloke and the main dish therefore needed to contain his wonderful chillies.

I didn’t want to miss out on creating Suspiro de Limeña so I thought I would do it regardless.

The reality is, that it is indeed wonderful. It is named as the “Sigh of a woman from Lima” as it is light and sweet like the sigh of a lady and it was incredibly sweet. The base is a dulce de leche, which is made by reducing evaporated and condensed milk with cinnamon and vanilla. The decorative top is unbaked sweet piped meringue made with a port syrup.

It is great and looks the part, but unless you have the ultimate sweet tooth don’t serve a large portion (mine were too big).


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