Fussy Eaters. All your fault?

Parents, on average, spend more than £300 a year on junk food per child. This is according to a report by http://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk which I read this morning. £300 is a big number, but per week it only equates to £6 per kid which is a less scary figure.

What really bothered me is that 61% claimed to give junk food as a reward for good behaviour, and 21% claimed that junk food is given as a bribe when something is required of the child. Clearly what we are doing here, as a society, is putting in to practice a theory which is only designed to create fat well-behaved children or little brats with their parents having to respond to their every need with sweets.  The world has never been so fat, and there have never been so many people in it, yet we are doing our best to make sure the new people we bring into the world take up far more space then the previous generations; we are going to run out of space as the fat people are going to plug the gaps.

The people who bribe their children also need to consider that if these children are fussy eaters that they are part of the problem.  We are all still relatively basic mammals and whilst we can prove to be highly intelligent, I bet even Einstein fancied his wife’s best mate. You want what you cannot have and that is innate. Children will want treats if they are given as bribes and therefore they will turn themselves off to all food which is not a bribe, and this is why they will become fussy.

If you see a fat kid or a fussy kid you know the parents got it wrong.


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