Eggs. Superfood.

I read this morning as egg sales are up 5% year to date and can absolutely understand why – in fact I think I am a major contributor to the increase. Not only are eggs incredibly versatile in their use, I ‘used them’ this year to help me lose weight, and the results were pretty spectacular. In training for a run I was doing, I recognised I had a few too many kilos on and to get to ‘running weight’ I needed to drop about 5. I then put into action the “Egg and Prawn” diet. The gist of the diet was that I would eat some cereal first thing which gave me enough energy for a lunchtime gym session, but after the gym I would eat a great big handful of prawns and two eggs (in any form I chose on that day). That was my lunch and I ate nothing more all afternoon. Whilst you would expect to be incredibly hungry mid-afternoon, the hunger never came and the level of protein in my bizarre lunch just kept me going. I had no crashes like you would when your body processes carbohydrates resulting in you needing to eat (or sleep) at about 4pm – I felt great. Add that to a low carb, low-fat dinner and the weight fell off and it didn’t feel like I was trying. I entirely believe the eggs to be responsible.

Eggs are indeed a superfood; versatile,  filling, protein fueled and delicious. The only shortfall is that they are also likely to contribute to cholesterol levels  and whilst no one is sure how much it is worth considering if you read this post and decided to lose some weight yourself ‘using eggs’.


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