Making Raspberry and Rosewater Jam

I made some Jam tonightand this is how I made it.

I took 1 kilo of Raspberries and cooked them slowly until they were mush:At the same time I slightly heated 1kg of Jam Sugar in the oven. Warm, but not so hot you can’t touch it.

I then stirred the sugar into the raspberries and added a glug of Rosewater and a glug of Vanilla essence:

Once they were all together I turned up the heat, added the Jam thermometer and let it bubble away until the temperature reached 110 degrees. Once it did, I skimmed off the froth.I had previously put the jars in the dishwasher and I kept them in a warm oven. This keeps things sterile.

Finally I used a Jam funnel and poured in the Jam. Leave it out to cool and you have a wonderful jam! Done


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