Consumption at Xmas. The Nasty Stuff (A Poll)

Christmas is here and we are all preparing ourselves for the food fest which will take place this weekend. During the festive period we will eat loads of things we wouldn’t consider eating at any other time. Is that because they are not available, we don’t associate them with Christmas – or simply that we don’t really like them?

By mid December things start to get spiced and floral. Out come the cloves, the cinnamon and the nutmeg and they seem to find themselves everywhere, and this takes me onto Mulled Wine. I can’t stand the stuff. I am sure there is a story as to how it came about, but I have my own theory.

Many years ago I believe there was a glass of red wine poured and sat on a side in a kitchen. It was the last of the wine and someone was really looking forward to it. Above that wine, on a shelf, were some spices. A cat walked along the shelf and unintentionally kicked the spices off and they fell into the wine. Upon tasting the wine it was found to be horrific and unpalatable but being the final glass it was decided that warming it up might just make it better. When warm it was still disgusting but human defensiveness kicked in and it was decided that it was a delicious festive option. I am opening myself up here to some fiery critique, but I believe that anyone who drinks Mulled Wine is doing so whilst finding it deeply unpleasant. How do I know I am right? Why don’t people drink it in November when it is cold? It would do the same job right? You don’t drink it because you don’t like it!

My second hate at Christmas I do believe that many people genuinely like, but it doesn’t work for me is Cranberry Jelly/ Jam. I am all for a hint of sweetness with meat or cheese, but the quantity of Cranberry people add is hideous. A Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich sounds pretty good to me, but can I get one in December without a smothering of Jam in it? Of course I can’t. Would you put Raspberry Jam in a chicken sandwich? It wouldn’t taste a million miles away from Cranberry and Turkey, but for some reason people let that slide because it is festive. Don’t do it – you are conning yourself. It is nasty!  “Bah Humbug”


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