Week 29. Argentina. Milanesa

I’m frustratingly short of time this week so rather than a lot of text, I’m doing a picture blog.

In Short. Argentinians eat a lot of beef, they freaking love the stuff….as do I. I chose a traditional dish in which you take a cheap cut of beef, smash the fibres to pieces with a meat tenderizer, breadcrumb it and fry. This is eaten with a fresh salad.

I started by taking a steak (I used a cheap Rump) and with my meat tenderizer I gave it a good beating until it was flattened to about 5mm.

I then cut the steak into thin strips

Each strip was then dipped in egg and then breadcrumbs (which I had chopped fresh Oregano and added to).

I then fried them for less than 2 minutes.

I have to be honest – I didn’t really rate them. They were schnitzel-esque but with a schnitzel the pork or chicken usually used makes them taste light. These were really heavy and the beef had to battle with two layers of breadcrumbs which overpowered it. In retrospect I should have cooked “Parrilla” which is effectively a mass of barbecued meat. Oh well – some weeks fail.

Next week I will be cooking a dish from France! The pressure is on.


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