Week 41. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cevapcici


Finished work 18:31

Hammersmith. District Line. Opened book, hot carriage, eyes rolled, closed book, closed eyes. Richmond.

Bus, walk, home.

See wee boy and wife, kiss, cuddle, story, bed (for him).

My hair needs a cut, clippers (grade 1), sweep up, shower. Missed a fucking bit. Clippers, head over bath not full shower.


Pork, Lamb, Mince, Paprika, Garlic, Oil, Cayenne, Baking Powder….Mix.

Roll sausages, forgot to put oven on.

Henry crying, kiss, cuddle, back downstairs.


Sausages in oven, ironing board out, shirt ironed. 4 minutes off.


Sausages out of oven, put on plate, photos taken, sausages eaten.


Write blog/ writing blog (currently 21.13)……After this:

Wash up, feet up, fall asleep on sofa, bed. Tomorrow.

In summary tonight was a bit of a blur, but that’s how life is these days. It’s fun though and I am not going to put this cooking on the back burner. Initially this week I drew Kosovo, but after some considerable research I had to decide that a) Kosovo is not 100% assured as a country and b) it seemed that all the food on the Kosovan list was indeed Bosnian or Serbian…so I decided to bin it.

The only former Slav state I have been to is Croatia and I absolutely loved it. Cheap food, sun, scenery and great people – I remember how a Waiter gave me a whole (foot long) fish for free as he thought I deserved a bit more to eat. It was delicious and sadly I thought I was being conned the whole time I ate it- so I couldn’t totally enjoy it…which I should have, as I wasn’t!  I hear that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fantastic place but sadly the only time we tend to hear of it in the UK is when they play football against a Home Nation – or appear in the Eurovison Song Contest (and almost always beat the United Kingdom!)

The sausages tasted great. We had them with Tzatziki, homous, flat bread and jalapenos. Possibly not entirely Bosnian, but delicious all the same. The egg white and baking powder is a really good tip – it lifted them from a meaty mess to a light sausage.

Make them…but give yourself a bit more time!

Next week…….Morocco.


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