Week 44. Dominican Republic. La Bandera Dominica. The flag!

I should probably put tonight into context. It is 31 degrees after a crappy July and we are not prepared. People still have duvets on their beds, they have their jackets on them, their umbrellas in their bags and they are hot. Very hot.

I traveled home from work tonight on a tube and then a bus and I just got hotter and hotter until I was convinced people could see sweat seep through my suit trousers. They probably could. I couldn’t care less.

I am, right now, sat on the sofa in shorts and a vest, glasses on and with some seriously heavy music on my Ipod. I am going to write this week up in a Stanton Warriors (look them up) trance. Last night I saw the weather forecast and decided that the blog post tonight was going to be linked to salad so looked up online a remaining country with a salad as a national dish. I struggled until I found Dominican Republic, and then naively emailed the ingredients to work and forgot about it. What I didn’t consider – stupidly – is that this dish is 4 bloody dishes and they all take some time.

Today as time got away from me and I upped my speed home and allowed the sweat to pour off my face, down my tie and onto the burning pavement, I realised it was going to be a challenge.

Hold on…..I need to pour a drink.

And continue. It was a good tune, so I needed a vodka tonic. The theory behind La Bandara Dominica is that it looks like the national flag. Check out the national flag – it is red and blue – and this dish isn’t in any way blue, but I went with it. It consists of two stews (one bean and one chicken) a salad and rice. All the components were relatively simple to cook, but together they tasted complex. It tasted fresh. I liked it.

I’m far too tired to write the ingredients out this week, but check out this link for what I have done. http://yhoo.it/porwkL

In summary, it is very hot tonight, the dish doesn’t look like the Dominican flag but it tastes good. Make it if you have some time on your side and I would suggest making it for a big day-time party by tripling the ingredients and slapping it on a table.

I’m off for a cold shower….with my banging music.

See you in a couple of weeks – I am off to the South of France on holiday.


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