Week 55. Namibia. Magic Lamb.

It’s hardly been above zero degrees for a week, so I thought we would have a barbeque.

Am I mad? Maybe. Am I bored of winter? Definitely. Do I have the option of a deep pit in my garden to bury a leg of lamb in? No.

I drew Namibia this week and looked at the options for dishes to cook which would be relevant, not similar to something I have done before and appropriate for a Sunday night meal. Magic Lamb stood out.

It’s not clear why Magic Lamb is called so, but it is clear that it is a meal for whilst on the go – and on the go in the African wilderness….not Twickenham West London. It seems as though the dish originated with game or bush meat and was cooked in hastily arranged pits dug into the earth and filled with fire. According to the recipes I read the best option is the pit, but having only a paved courtyard for a garden I didn’t really have an option for that so had to throw on a load of layers and get the BBQ out!.

This particular dish lends well to a photo tour of it, so below I explain how I made it. Taste review post photos. Note – I didn’t do a leg of lamb, but shanks – it just worked better for an evening meal for two.

Lamb Shanks


I studded each with chopped anchovies, rosemary, pomegranate seeds, garlic and green peppercorns.

Stud the lamb

BBQ the lamb. In zero degrees.

The lamb tasted phenomenal. When I took it out of the foil I was concerned that the half which had been in contact with the grill was burnt, but I made a sauce/ gravy using some lamb stock, peppercorns and rosemary and just sat the shanks in the liquid for twenty minutes. It worked brilliantly and it almost tasted caramelized.

I’m tired right now. I’ve been cooking outside in the middle of winter. In Namibia it might not get cold much, but it bloody does here.

It’s back to the grindstone tomorrow. It’s quite funny; when I started this blog I saw it as my route to the future and I would amass an enormous following. Do you know how many followers I have? 13. I have cooked for 55 weeks and cooked nearly a third of every country in the world….and 13 people read this blog each week. For you 13 I love you. I will be inviting you to my wrap party. I have cancelled Wembley Arena and we are going to The Kings Head.

One thought on “Week 55. Namibia. Magic Lamb.

  1. I am compassionate about your own idea. In fact, I found you out from another blog about pork dishes where they had taken your pic from Bhutanese pork dish. I am so passionate about food and cuisine, just like you. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to experiment anything. Count me in when you do that wrap up party though ;-).

    Love you for whatever you are doing. Keep it going. I am not a person that can help in any other way, but I can spread the word for you among my friends and provide you any moral and mental support you may need. below is my email id if you would like to connect.

    Diganta Gogoi
    Origin: Assam, India
    Currently living: Chennai India

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