Week 61. Portugal.

I’m finding this week’s post challenging. I suppose its a form of writer’s block.

In my life I have packets of things going on which I could write about all day but you would have little to no interest in.

Here are a few examples:

  • I could bleat on about how Augusta is the most beautiful golf course on this Earth and how it portrays an elegance seen in no other course. You probably wouldn’t read more than the first sentence.
  • I could passionately talk about how it would be an excellent idea for our road to get residents parking? I’ve got loads on that. Want to hear it?
  • How about hearing about my views on the increased platform sizes between Barnes and Clapham?

You couldn’t care less right?

So, each week I need to think about something which I want to write about and that you might want to read whilst you are eating your lunch or on the train home. And this week I have nothing.

I think it would be best that we all had a little rest and not worried about it too much. If you feel let down that I have done a weak or short post this week then all I ask is that you think very thoroughly about the following.

One day a group of chefs and waiters sat around a table in Twickenham. At that table there was intense excitement as they were about to launch their new restaurant. All they needed to do was name it. It was a big decision, but there were so many mystical names to choose from. Should it be the Agra Palace or perhaps the Bombay Brasserie? There was so much wonder in the air. They just needed the right name.

And then they chose this and it has stood on my high street for as long as I can remember.

 Apparently they do good take-away. I’ve never risked it. I just worry it would be its own namesake.

Calde Verde.

I wanted to do a staple from Portugal and this is apparently eaten across the class divide. It’s a starter or a main and it’s pretty delicious. It’s a lot better than the Turkey and Pineapple roll I bought at the airport when I landed in Lisbon a few years ago, but not as good as the baked fish I had by the sea. Portugal is a lot of fun. I hope I go on a golf holiday there one day with my wife and my son and new son/daughter (we find out when they are born in a few weeks) as caddies.

I got the recipe from here (thank you):



2 thoughts on “Week 61. Portugal.

  1. Mr Jones, this is my go too curry house and the curry man Smit would agree. I resent your ideology of this place. Give it a go!

  2. Just got back from a few days in Portugal! Haven’t had caldo verde but I shall certainly look out for it next time we’re there! Did wonder if you might have attempted something with bacalhau “salt cod”, tho don’t know where you’d get it! Ive never bought it over there as it stinks to high heaven but it does for some delicious tasting meals! Good luck with no 2, wish des all the best xx

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