Week 66. South Korea. Bulgogi.

**One of the tastiest dishes I have ever cooked. Definite top 5**

The Olympics do my head in. I love sport too much. We, in London, proudly state that we are holding 43 simultaneous World Championships. Well that’s fantastic, but they are all on at the bloody same time. How do I get to see them all?!

Every morning I wake up stressed. What do I watch, how do I make sure I see all the right action live? I hate the idea of a presenter telling me that something just happened in an arena I’m not watching. Damn you. I want to see it all and it’s impossible. I think we should have an Olympic Year. Sod simultaneity, lets have one after the other. Each night I can then plug into the sport of the moment, understand it, enjoy it and chill out.

I’ve taken a week off work. I thought it will help with my sport induced stress, and it has so far. London has been looking pretty incredible and I’m proud to live here. I heard an interview on the radio today with some international journalists who thought that we were doing well but not quite matching Sydney or Beijing. I’m quite happy with that. Sydney followed the disaster of Atlanta and Beijing was state funded (but stunning). I went to both Sydney and Athens and loved them both. I think that London is slightly hamstrung by the sheer size of the capital and trying to keep atmosphere across the whole of London is difficult but we are doing a bloody good job of it.

Having a bit of time off meant I could get back on the Blog and this week I drew South Korea. I actually remember Seoul as my first Olympics so it was pretty apt.

In a country notorious for eating dog, I wanted to show how excellent the cuisine and tastes really are from this part of Asia. This meal is utterly delicious. It’s a form of lettuce burrito with the most tender and flavorsome beef interior. It’s so easy to make but would cost you a few quid the first time you make it as you need to get hold of some key ingredients, but I can assure you it is worth it and you will use them again and again.

The key is to make a distinctly Korean marinade for thinly sliced beef. Rice wine, soy, garlic and loads of sugar tenderize the meat and the flavour is so sweet and hot. The lettuce wrap makes it taste fresh, the rice fills you up and the meat is so powerful, light and spicy. It’s amazing.

Here is where I found the recipe. http://www.food.com/recipe/korean-beef-150789

I made the beef then wrapped it in lettuce with sticky rice and HOT pepper sauce and a dash more Soy.

Right, go away – I’m off to watch some Beach Volleyball….or maybe the boxing….or the indoor volleyball….Aaaaahhhhh!!!


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