Week 83. Belize. Rice and Beans (and a pigs tail)

Main Photo

For my 82nd week (and 100th post) I’m doing a photo blog. This dish was pretty simple. The chicken was the side dish – it was all about the rice and the beans…..and how they were flavoured. This is how.


This is me holding the pigs tail

IMG_3759 - Copy

This is Henry wearing the pigs tail


Then we did a little bit of cooking. It was pretty simple. I boiled the pigs tail in water with onion and garlic and a little bit of thyme.


Then I dumped in a can of coconut milk and the kidney beans (traditionally you would soften dried beans, but I added beans which had been in brine – so didn’t need to soften them)


You then add in a couple of cups of rice and some seasoning and that’s about it.

Oh – and you know how you picture pigs tails like this:

pig curly tails

It did start to go a bit like that

Curly Tail

But at the end, alas, you take the tail out and bin it. It’s done it’s job to flavour the rice and beans.

And….the dish was really good! Just a hint of pork. Not one for the squeamish or vegetarians amongst you.

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