Week 86. Kenya. Nyama Choma.

IMG_5681Is there a more testosterone fueled dish than this? I doubt it.

Let’s do a test. Stick “Kenyan Gym” into Google Images. What do you see? Loads of ripped Kenyan men, pumping iron. Now go with “English Gym”. What do you see? Loads of gym equipment with no one on it.

That’s the difference between our two countries and our two dishes. Nyama Choma translates from Swahili to “Roast Meat” – although I have also seen translations suggest “Roast Beef”. Whatever the true result, it’s the Kenyan version of a roast. The difference between a Kenyan roast and an English roast is the accompaniments. In England we have potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings, Bread Sauce. In Kenya, they have salt. They simply roast the meat and dip it in salt.

In the body building world the best builders shun carbohydrates and load on meat and proteins. Carbs make them sluggish and lazy – so they don’t eat them. Consider that, related to the gym google searches. Kenyans load on meat, fill up on testosterone and pump iron. They look great. English people load up on carbohydrates with their roast meal on Sunday and sit down with a red wine and watch The Antiques Roadshow.

I have a good friend who visited Kenya recently. Her comment on return was “every single man has a 6 pack”. In the UK she would be referring to a 6 pack of Heineken, but there its stomach muscles.

I’ve been going to the gym a bit recently. Not enough to look good, but enough to make me feel like I will look good – at some point. Perhaps I should follow the Kenyan example. Eat meat, work out, look good and have British women gush all over you….


Get some meat. Roast it. Dip it in salt. Eat it.

Oh and by the way. I know that there is a movement in the UK to stop any food not being served on round white plates. My thoughts on that would be to a) chill out and get some perspective, food can be fun and b) this dish is SUPPOSED to be served on a chopping board. I’d love to see a big lazy British bloke tell a ripped Kenyan they shouldn’t be serving food on a board.

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