Week 63. East Timor. Pudim De Coco

I need to tell you a story about how I went about getting the special dish for this entry. It was utterly ridiculous. I was supposed to go out for 15 minutes to get the dish. It took 2 hours 20 minutes. I left dry and I came home soaked, tired with cuts on my legs and very sore arms.

Here is why:

  • I left and it was dry
  • It poured with rain and soaked me to the bone
  • I arrived at “Poundland” where I was to get the dish
  • It was shut. It opened an hour later. Damn it.
  • Nothing else was open so I waited in the doorway for an hour. I got wetter.
  • They didn’t have the dish I needed. FFS.
  • I slipped in the doorway and crashed into a box of wrapping paper. It cut my leg.
  • I remembered another store, one of those where 90% of the store is on the pavement
  • When I got there the rain had stopped so the owner was taking everything out.
  • He had the dish I needed. Happy
  • It was at the back of the store.
  • To get to the back of the store the whole shop needed to be put on the road.
  • He told me if I want the dish I help him.
  • I did. It was annoying and took ages. It hurt my arms.
  • He charged me full price for the dish.
  • I went home.
  • All for this blog

I’m actually starting to enjoy making desserts. I didn’t like to before, as I much preferred the spicy powerful mains and I always thought delicate desserts tended to make too much mess in the kitchen. I am converted and that is because dishes like this have changed me. This dish is sweet, very sweet and I would recommend it in small portions, but it’s great. I love baked custard desserts and I love coconut this is effectively a light coconut Crème Brule done in a different way. You like Crème Brule, you will love this.

I can’t go into too much detail this week as to how the dish originates but East Timor is a former Portuguese Colony and much of the cuisine is linked back to Portugal.

I used this site to get the recipe. I know it says it is a Brazillian recipe, but Brazil is also former Portuguese etc.


Next time you need to buy a dish. Plan. Better than I did.



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