Week 78. Latvia. Nāc rītā atkal “Come Back Tomorrow”

LatviaExcellent dish this one.

Here is the concept. You cook a big beef roast. There is a fair bit of meat left over, a couple of onions and possibly a few mushrooms. You have staples in the cupboard like eggs and flour – and you have milk in the fridge. What do you do for dinner? Make some stewed roast beef crepes? Oh yes. Using leftovers to “come back tomorrow”.

Until now, my favored way of using up roast beef was to have it with a bit of mash and a tin of baked beans. I love the cold beef (straight out of the fridge) meeting the hot sludgy beans in my mouth and blending together, as I chew,  to create a warm, comforting mouthful. With this version of using leftovers, I might just have changed my mind.

Things have been changing for me in recent weeks and months. I worked my last morning in my current job yesterday and am now at home, helping with the kids and working out what I want to do next, whilst I serve out my gardening leave. I love the term “gardening leave”. I am, according to the nature of the term, be at home gardening, My garden, is a 3 metre by 3 metre slab of concrete patio. I suppose I could spend the next month brushing it, but I’d struggle to find more than ten minutes work actually gardening (picking off a weed which grew from next door perhaps)?

It’s good to have time to think about life. So infrequently do we get the chance, but when we do we do such creative thinking. Think about when you were last on holiday and you looked up to the sky and thought about home. You think creatively. What can you do better, how shall we solve this problem etc etc. I’m going to use the time well.

Here is how to make the dish. It’s  worth a try.

To make the beef mix:

  • Blitz a chunk of roast beef in a food processor, so it resembles cooked mince.
  • Fry an onion in a pan.
  • When the onion begins to brown, chuck in some chopped mushrooms (they could be from the day before, or fresh)
  • Add a cup of beef stock and let it simmer for a couple of minutes.
  • Season and then add any or all of the following if you have them (Parsley, Cheddar Cheese (small handful grated) or Sour Creme)

For the crepes:

http://www.latvianstuff.com/Crepes.html (good link and it made great crepes)

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